Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm on the Quilts, Inc. and Quilting Arts Sites!

Here are my entries for Quilting Arts' Rock On! Challenge. I had previously published the reverse sides in an earlier entry. The backs end up looking pretty cool when the thread matches whatever is going on on the top.
Blackbird and reverse

California Dreamin' and reverse
Tea in the Sahara and reverse

For Quilts, Inc., Go to:

Special Exhibits (menu on left)
Festival Gallery of Quilt Art: Town and Country
second row, far right
You can see many other quilts from the Chicago show on the site.
Quilting Arts Rock On Challenge:
You can see all the entries by going to "next." Way cool!

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Vivien said...

It's fun to finally see the fronts, Wendy. I think my favorite is Tea in the Sahara. And congrats on being in Town and Country. How very cool!