Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Quilts! Metamorphosis: New Quilts from Old Favorites

Cornered! with detail and Puss in the Corner inspiration blocks
In August of 2008, my son found a tiny kitten under the hood of the car, covered in grease and fleas. He cleaned her up and she won his heart, as well as the scorn of our other two cats. Boris the black cat is determined to be Alpha male, and is also proud of his prowess at catching (catnip) mice, while Moose the orange cat is the mighty hunter of lizards and bugs who’s afraid of everything. Oslo the kitten sleeps, dreaming, no doubt, of how best to annoy her big brothers.
Background fabrics are hand-stamped by the artist. Cats are threadpainted over fabric collage, and are based on photographs taken by the artist.

Robbing Retirement to Pay the Mortgage with detail and Robbing Peter to Pay Paul inspiration block

It’s a scary economic world these days. Job loss, foreclosure and bankruptcy are worrying citizens who have worked and paid their bills on time for the first time in their lives.
The heavy black line is the Dow Jones Average from April, 2008 through February, 2009. Note the big dip in late September. Actual headlines were transferred onto the fabric using printable t-shirt transfer material. All headlines are from The Alexandria (LA) Daily Town Talk, where my husband was employed from May, 1977 until his position was eliminated in December, 2008.

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Quilt block diagrams and original cat photographs are my own work.


Mr Lee said...
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Vivien said...

How clever! i really like your "Robbing Retirement to Pay the Mortgage". Very well done.