Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Quilts! Fragments: Urban Decay challenge

Sky with detail and inspiration photo
I went around the Alexandria downtown area one Sunday afternoon and took many photographs. There’s no shortage of urban decay here. Although Alexandria was burned to the ground during the Civil War, there are still a few buildings from the era of Reconstruction, as well as many built later and abandoned. This particular building appeared to still be in use as I could see lights on inside. I went back a few weeks later to take some more photos and could not find it.

Strata with detail and inspiration photo

The quilt is based on an original photo by the artist.
Currently used as a parking lot, this was originally an interior part of a business, back in the days when businesses in this area of town were thriving. Bricks from the exterior walls are also still visible.

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Both inspiration photos also my work.

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Vivien said...

So cool and the catalog looks great, too. I especially like the fact that you see the tree reflected in the window; you translated that well in your piece. I took pictures but never found the time to make anything. I hope to someday.