Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April Showers

Banana Tree

Moose doesn't mind the wet. His fur is so thick he never gets completely wet. Most of the fluffiness, however, is from being a far from picky eater.

This robin was busy picking up (dead grass?)
The cats are not fast enough to catch birds and all the birds know it.


Vivien said...

Great pics again! I especially like the banana tree swirl. I'm inclined to take flora and fauna pictures, but I'm trying to teach myself to see better in an urban environment and take better photographs. Do you take urban pics? If so, any thoughts you can share?

wlstarn said...

When I took Photography (a few) years ago in college, composition was emphasized. The teacher used a 4x5 camera for her own work, and like many of the pros, she had filed the edge of the metal sheet film holder to get the black border you see in many professional (film) photos, which can only be in the frame without any cropping. Think wysisyg, (what you see is what you get) when composing, and try to get the image you are after without crop-ping. I also try to look for pattern or color, and sometimes for a little bit of something different as a focal point(if that makes sense).

I have a whole bunch of Urban Decay photos taken for a quilt challenge. I've been waiting for the online catalog to go up before posting them and pics of the resulting urban decay quilts .