Sunday, September 4, 2016


I'm working on a challenge involving text on textiles.  I wanted to do something a bit pixelated, so I found a font called Minecraftia on daFont and printed my letters out to size.  My original plan was to paper piece each word, which proved to be near-impossible.  Next idea was to use a fusible product with a printed grid, but it was not to be found in this small town.  So I taped a sheet of grid paper to my drawing board and used lightweight fusible interfacing.  the trick is to keep everything lined up with the grid.  Interfacing tears if you tape it. You can see the grid in the photo below.  I am using 1 inch squares, 36 across, 14 down.

grid paper, layered with interfacing and one inch fabric squares

Next, each row was folded along the edge lines and sewn together with a 1/8" seam.  I found it easier to stay lined up if I pinned about every 2".

Laid out, ironed to interfacing, not yet stitched

Vertical seams stitched, and everything pressed.  Note how the squares have become rectangles.

Vertical and horizontal seams stitched & pressed relatively flat.

 I apparently needed either a hotter iron or to iron on the reverse side, or both, as some of the squares did not stay adhered before sewing.  I then pinned and sewed all the horizontal seams, again lining up & pinning each row.  One word done, 7 to go.

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