Saturday, October 25, 2014

Yes, It's a Quilt!

Three layers of fabric, held together by stitching.  That's the definition.
Outer layers: organza.
Inner layer:  woven copper  mesh with areas cut out.
Surface has applique stitched with metallic thread.
Binding is organza.
Title: Autumn Glory
20 x 17


Corinnea said...

Beautiful. Does it reflect light? Cool idea.

Hilary Florence said...

It's great to see something a little bit unusual. I have a feeling your picture doesn't do it justice and a couple of close ups would have been good perhaps?
I am very intrigued by the copper mesh fabric as I have never heard of this before. Does it sew well?
Well done for having the courage to expand the concept of quilt.

tomomi mcelwee said...


Aoife said...

It's lovely. Is that the piece of copper mesh that the leaves were cut out of in there too? And I can see the holes left behind? I really like that effect. I bet it catches the light beautifully!