Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Stolen in or near Lomita, Caliornia in October, 2011.
If you see this quilt on exhibit or for sale, please contact me!
Shady Lady by Wendy L Starn
26.75 x 27.25 inches

Based on original photograph by the artist.
Published in: 500 Art Quilts, Lark Books, 2010, page 383
Special Techniques used, if any: fused reverse applique
Quilted by…Wendy L Starn
Best category: Art Quilt, 2 color quilt, wall hanging

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Snoodles said...

That's terrible...I had heard that there were some quilts stolen from a couple of shows. Oh I hope that they find it and return it to you!
It's stunning.

Lonci said...

This is to quilt art, congratulations:)))

Jay said...

What a terrible thing to have happened to your beautiful quilt!! I do hope you get it back!

Anonymous said...

How horrible! What a really interesting piece!. Hopefully all the publicity from this festival will bring some clues!

Camilla said...

What a loss for you! Do hope you get it back-this is beautiful and I'm voting for it in best art quilt category.

lindaroo said...

I'm so sorry for your loss!
This is a stunner, for sure!