Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dyeing with an E and a few helpers

Yesterday, I dyed fabric.  Rocky was the helper of the day, and was most eager to investigate.  Here's the evidence, all the way across the deck.

All bundled up this morning

Today's helper: Oslo, who loves running water and would rather lick the drips from the sprinkler than drink from the water bowl.

I tied several scarves to overdye

Others were direct dyed.

Really impressed with the results

While I was rinsing fabric, This butterfly found the perfect complement to its color.

Boris would rather smell the flowers.

Moose looking winsome, but not interested.

Yesterday's culprit naps through today's fun.


Laughingrat said...

Aw, wow, these are gorgeous pictures. You do beautiful work, love the detail and the effort you go into to do multiple dyebaths. Lovely pic of the butterfly on the scarf.

Rayna said...

Love the overdyeing. Ah - yes, tahini!! But no chick peas or eggplant to mix it with. Sad situation.

Tonya Ricucci said...

cute cute kitties!!!!