Friday, February 20, 2009

To heck with the groundhog...

Pear tree 2/9


Daffodils 2/9

Saucer (Japanese) Magnolia 2/16


fallen petals 2/16

C hinese Pistache (?) 2/16

the last kumquat (a.k.a. grow-your0wn paintballs) 2/16

Saucer Magnolia 2/16

Moose the orange cat loves the yard but not the camera.

ruffled azaleas 2/20

ruffled azaleas 2/20

more azaleas 2/20

What is it? giant worm??? Banana tree coming to life.

The last of the pear flowers. 2/20

It was actually 80 degrees a couple of days ago before a cold front came through. Before you get too jealous, think about mowing the lawn in early August when the temp & humidity are both in the high 90's, and it doesn't cool off much at night.

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Anonymous said...

Your pre-spring pictures were a wonderful start for my day. I enjoyed the visit on your blog.