Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tutu Divine

My daughter will be performing as a guest artist with the local Symphony Sunday afternoon. They are playing "The Nutcracker Suite," which is excerpts from the ballet, and she will be Sugarplum Fairy. I have been refurbishing a tutu, approximately 20 years old, for her to wear. It's appeared often onstage, as the costume for Rose Fairy (Sleeping Beauty), and Dew Drop (Nutcracker). I replaced all the missing jewels and added a few more, totalling about 200. I also removed the tacking that holds the skirt layers together, and lifted up the plate, which is the pink fabric on top. I added several layers of diamond net, as the skirt had gotten droopy. Then I ironed the net a little to flatten out the gathers, and tacked all the layers back together so they don't flop around when the dancer is performing. I also reattached the bodice to the skirt yoke, as it was not aligned straight. All it needs now is a body fitting (and it may not need any altering as she has worn it before), and strap adjustment. Break a leg, Liz! Underside of tutu, showing panty in center and layers of tulle. The rose fabric is taffeta, overlaid with embroidered bridal-type chiffon. The decoration on the bodice is made of woven pastel-colored ribbons layered under the chiffon. And now it really sparkles!

Backstage, after the show.


KarenF said...

That is beautiful! What a gorgeous lot of work you did...she will be a hit, I'm sure!

Jo Rice said...

How very beautiful your tutu is! Excellent job and I know you enjoyed it.

I make simple ones for children to play with so they arent as beautiful. But still... the kids loved them! Thanks for sharing.
Jo in Ohio

Twila Grace said...

How wonderful that you were able to work on it to keep it going! Very nice.