Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Home at Last

My quilt, "The Secret Swamp: Late Summer" finally made it home today after a rather harrowing 20 minutes or so at the local Post Office. Apparently, we did not hear the letter carrier at the door yesterday although we were home. I took the slip in this morning and they could not find the parcel. After 5 or 6 phone calls to the other branches, and several searches "in the back," it finally turned up filed under the wrong zip code. The address on the parcel was, of course, correct. Horrors! Despite being shipped flat, someone folded it. Fortunately, the fold missed the embellishment made with Fantasy Film, which creases permanently. I dampened the fabric crease with a spray bottle, and it's currently drying flat on a table. Welcome home from Houston, Chicago, Long Beach and Lowell.

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frazzledsugarplummum said...


Wandered over from quiltart mailing list. So glad I did. This piece is wonderful. So peaceful but full of interest. I can hear the buzz of insects and the stirring within grass stalks. Thank you for sharing it. A real treat.
Shirley in Oz