Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Baby

Oslo the kitten appeared under the hood of the Prizm on August 10, covered in grease, dirt, and fleas. She had apparently inspected the entire engine area after wandering off when her mother got distracted for a second. We suspect her mother is one of the many neighborhood strays.

After a quick bath and some internet reseearch, she drank kitten infant formula from a tiny bottle. In less than 2 days, she chewed the bottle apart and learned to drink from a tiny dish. Then she started eating kitten chow mixed with milk and softened. Yesterday, she decided to try dry kitten chow. What progress in 2 weeks.

She's also made huge progress in getting around. Rocket Kitty is faster than a speeding racehorse and able to climb furniture in a single bound (well, most of the time...). She spent last night in the top of a tall laundry hamper instead of her little bed. Tomorrow, she'll conquer the world.

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