Friday, February 20, 2009

To heck with the groundhog...

Pear tree 2/9


Daffodils 2/9

Saucer (Japanese) Magnolia 2/16


fallen petals 2/16

C hinese Pistache (?) 2/16

the last kumquat (a.k.a. grow-your0wn paintballs) 2/16

Saucer Magnolia 2/16

Moose the orange cat loves the yard but not the camera.

ruffled azaleas 2/20

ruffled azaleas 2/20

more azaleas 2/20

What is it? giant worm??? Banana tree coming to life.

The last of the pear flowers. 2/20

It was actually 80 degrees a couple of days ago before a cold front came through. Before you get too jealous, think about mowing the lawn in early August when the temp & humidity are both in the high 90's, and it doesn't cool off much at night.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Almost Spring at Bluebonnet Swamp

All photos taken Feb.8, 2009 at Bluebonnet Swamp

maple leaves with reflection


the ubiquitous dandelion

grape vine


red maple

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The groundhog saw his shadow, but forgot to tell the flowers

Star Magnolia, a bit past its prime

The first Narcissus-more to open tomorrow.

Bradford Pear. The squirrels eat them all before they are ripe, even with two cats outside, who are basically deck potatoes. By next week this tree will be solid white.

Even a couple branches of Azalea are getting in the act-in February!