Monday, July 28, 2008

Mary Ellen's Tree Preserve

My friend Mary Ellen has a few acres and more than a few trees, including several that are rare and unusual.

Big Leaf Magnolia. HUGE leaves. She had 22 flowers this year and is hoping to collect seeds.
a type of asian evergreen with wider needles and cool blue growth.

Busy, Busy, Busy, but not much (I can) show for it

The past six weeks or so have been very busy. I have made three quilts during this time.

Can't show these 17" x 22" journal quilts, but here are the parts I cut off. Top piece is stamped, fused, thread accented, embroidered on organza, painted, and heavily quilted with metallic thread. Bottom piece is painted, appliqueed, thread accented, fused, overlaid, and quilted with metallic thread. Pictures of the actual items to appear in late October. Some may appear a bit sooner. Both have nature themes. Doesn't this make you want to see them?

This was the first finished, and is 48" x 48," which is pretty large for me. Can't show it yet, so here are some of the leftover bits. It's pieced, fused and heavily quilted, and also has a nature theme.